Comic Frontline is a group of comic and geek culture fans coming together to talk about the stuff we love. This site and its You Tube  channel are mainly focused on comic book reviews, news and discussion, but we also cover toys, video games, movies, TV shows, DVDs, blind bags and unboxings, we do skits, and so much more!

On You Tube , we used to be based at Dark Avenger INC, but launched the new channel officially on February 11, 2014 for several reasons and stopped updates on INC.

This blog was created during the INC years, and has transformed into a written extension of the new YouTube channel, Comic Frontline.

Comic Frontline is also a partner site with Comic Related, one of the premiere comic news sites on the web, featuring tons of news, reviews, podcasts, webcomics, and more.
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  1. Here's a free comic for you to review: http://www.indyplanet.us/product/130114/